Monday, 23 May 2011

I’m a little nervous, actually I’m very nervous.

Business Owners and Aspiring Entrepreneurs...

“Your encouragement and comments are appreciated and welcomed. “

I say this because I’m about to embark on the world of “blogging”. 

Now those are words I never thought I’d utter!  However, today is a new age of information sharing and group discussions.  Some might say I’m behind the times.  Businesses owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and like-minded business people are looking to the internet for information, knowledge on subject matter that interests them, and a forum to interact with others.

Where do I fit in, and why this “introductory” blog?  

I’m going to prepare a series of blogs, articles, links, questions, business tips, etc. on a weekly basis.  I’m nervous, mostly of the unknown element that is blogging, twitting, etc.  The content will be targeted to current business owners, as well as readers who might be considering purchasing or starting a business.  It is a pretty significant marketplace when you consider there are over 21,000 businesses in Windsor and Essex County.

“Bottom-line, I think these blogs and articles will be of great interest and benefit to business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and like-minded business people like you and I.”

The purpose of these articles would be to educate both buyers and sellers of the many different issues related to a business transfer.  In my informal survey, when it comes to selling a business, owners (and buyers) seem to fall into one of three categories.  The majority falls into the “misinformed”, many fall into the “uniformed”, and unfortunately, very few are “educated”.

The reason for this probably lies in the fact that we all lead very busy lifestyles.  We put in long hours and need to stay focused on our current business endeavours, especially during our most recent economic climate.  Hopefully I can help.

I plan to start next week and I encourage your feedback.  I hope you enjoy and can take away some information that will help you now and in the future.

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William Sivell is a sales representative of VR Windsor Inc., Business Brokerage; his blog appears every Tuesday.



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Bill. I'm sure you'll find it very rewarding in many ways. As a matter of fact I just got off the phone speaking to a reporter from a Canadian news wire wanting my opinion on why someone might want to buy Blockbuster. They got my name (The Branding Experts) through blogging. This has happened before, it's great for the credibility.

    I usually tell people like yourself who are newbies to not expect much in the first year while you build your expert profile. But once you get the hang of it, you'll be kicking yourself why you waited to enter the fray.

    Good luck and most of all have fun blogging.

    Lead don't follow,


  2. Ed,
    Thanks for the well wishes and advise.